Legislature: No texting while driving

ATLANTA – The state legislature has approved legislation that prohibits texting while driving and a separate bill that prohibits teen drivers from using cell phones while behind the wheel.

“We have seen our fair share of dark times during this legislative session, we have been financial strapped and asked to make hard decisions,” Sen. Jack Murphy, R-Cumming, chairman of the Public Safety committee, said in a news release. This however, was not a hard decision.

“When choosing to save lives and put the safety of Georgians first, we are giving the best example of how legislation can impact lives,” Murphy added. “I hope that every person on Georgia’s roads, both teens and adults, will realize the positive impact this bill will have for generations to come. I commend my fellow legislators for taking the proactive steps toward ensuring public safety remains a top priority.”

Under SB 360, anyone convicted of texting while driving would face of up to $150. HB 23 prohibits teen drivers from using cell phones while behind the wheel.

“Georgia has now gotten ahead of what could be many dead bodies on the road,” ajc.com quoted AAA’s Teresa Hildebrand as saying. “We are ahead of the curve on this.”

The bills head to Gov. Sonny Perdue.

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