Snowstorm strikes Atlanta, Southeast

ATLANTA – A rare snowstorm walloped the Southeast Friday, dumping upwards of five inches of snow.

A number of businesses closed early and various events – especially at public schools – were canceled because of the weather.

The city of Atlanta said its public works department spread “a mixture of sand and salt over all bridges and overpasses and segments of streets with steep grades” before it started snowing. “Subsequent spreading of sand and salt will occur on a route priority basis.”

“It’s always exciting to see snow in Atlanta,” one resident said. “The part we need to worry about is the roads – Georgians don’t drive in snow very often, so no one really knows how to handle it.”

The snow was expected to stop by late Friday evening, but a number of officials predicted that the snow would cause roads to freeze overnight. That could spell a number of problems on the metro area’s roadways on Saturday.

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