PETA to UGA: Get a robotic dog

ATLANTA – PETA, the people who romp around in the buff to oppose the wearing of fur, thinks it’s time to replace the University of Georgia’s mascot with a robotic dog.

“In the wake of the untimely death of the University of Georgia’s (UGA) bulldog mascot, Uga VII, PETA has asked the school’s athletic director, Damon M. Evans, to replace the mascot with an animatronic dog – or to rely solely on a costumed mascot – instead of using another real bulldog,” the organization said in a statement. Bulldogs are prone to breathing difficulties, hip dysplasia, heart disorders, and other congenital ailments, and acquiring a dog from a breeder perpetuates the animal overpopulation crisis while causing another dog waiting in an animal shelter to be condemned to death.”

Uga VII, the famed mascot of the University of Georgia Bulldogs, died last week. Named “Loran’s Best,” the English bulldog debuted as the team’s mascot in August 2008. He boasted a 16-7 record.

“It is time for the university to put an end to the cycle of suffering endured by dogs who are brought into the world solely to represent the school’s ‘brand’,” PETA Assistant Director Kristie Phelps, said in a statement. “By choosing a humane alternative to the use of live animals as school mascots, UGA can show that compassion always wins.”

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