Is the government incompetent?

ATLANTA — Greta van Sustern asked a very simple question on her blog: “Is the government incompetent?”

“Is our government — and not just now with this Administration but for decades – incompetent?,” she asks, adding “is there any good reason to put them in charge of changing out health care system?”

Perhaps, the latest flap over is a good indicator. It seems a number of Congressional districts nationwide received “stimulus” money to “create” jobs. It turns out, there was no prerequesite that the Congressional district actually exist.

“I have been a vocal advocate for transparency in the stimulus bill, but this is more than I could have expected,” U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said in a news release. “Not only can we track how many jobs were in created in each of Tennessee’s congressional districts, but in the process we have found dozens of districts we didn’t even know we had. Once we get all these seats filled, Tennessee will have a larger delegation and more clout than Texas. At nearly $400,000.00 per job, we also know that Tennesseans are the most valuable workers in the nation.

“Jokes aside, today’s additions to illustrate what a confused failure the stimulus has been. Clearly, the Administration is incapable of explaining where these funds are being spent or why they aren’t creating jobs. As the debt mounts up, Tennesseans are still looking for work. Tennesseans deserve better and Washington can do better. It is time to incentivize investment and business creation and stop throwing more good money after bad.”

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