Web site: More toilets needed on aircraft

SeatGuru, which touts itself as “the web’s most comprehensive resource for airline information,” thinks waiting in line for the bathroom while flying stinks. So, they’re call for more bathrooms on airplanes.

“Airlines with too few bathrooms per passenger create frustrating lines that are a real safety concern,” SeatGuru Founder Matt Daimler said in a news release. The Web company thinks there should be one toilet for every 50 passengers on a plane; currently, there are no regulations dictating a passenger-to-toilet ratio, the site said in it release.

SeatGuru is calling for an increase in the number of bathrooms on airplanes, a federally mandated passenger-to-toilet ratio, accessible lavatories for wheelchair-bound passengers and mandatory bathroom checks (to ensure toilets are operational) prior to take off.

“A short 45-minute flight can easily become three hours or more on the plane due to delays, and not providing access to functional bathrooms is unacceptable,” Daimler said. “The airlines have already stripped away so many other amenities that we thought were givens – let’s make sure that we get some regulations for those who go regularly.”

SeatGuru also noted that the Beech 1900 aircraft, which is operated by Continental and US Airways, does not have any lavatories.

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