Road Trips Could Become More Expensive

By Todd DeFeo News Wire

ATLANTA – Road trips could become more expensive if the government starts taxing drivers based on how many miles they drive.

Lawmakers in Oregon are considering such a proposal, saying current gas taxes bring in less revenue because of more fuel-efficient vehicles. Federal officials could also consider the idea. Drivers’ mileage would be tracked by GPS.

A report by the National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission found that the nation’s surface transportation system is in a “physical and financial crisis,” and that “if we are to remain competitive in a global economy, we must thoroughly reassess the current approach to funding surface transportation infrastructure.”

Also, relying on the federal fuel tax “may not be a sustainable strategy in the long run” because “the fuel taxes that are the backbone of the federal transportation revenues will continue to shrink relative to use and needs of the system” as vehicles continue to become more fuel efficient, according to the report.

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