Reagan: Bush, Not Palin to Blame for McCain Loss News Wire

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6, 2006 — President Bush deserves more blame for Sen. John McCain’s loss in this year’s presidential election than Gov. Sarah Palin, Michael Reagan told

“Palin is not the reason that John McCain lost,” the site quoted Reagan as saying. “The reason John McCain lost is because of George Bush and his lack of leadership in Washington, D.C. with his own party — his lack of leadership in reaching out to conservatives members of his own party to get their help and be able to talk with them to move this government forward.

“This goes on George Bush, not on Sarah Palin,” Reagan added. “She should not be blamed. If anything, she helped the McCain candidacy by, in fact, bringing the base together to support someone on that ticket. I’m mad that they did not allow Sarah Palin to be Sarah Palin maybe as much as she should have.”

Some pundits are already saying that Palin could play a role in helping the conservative movement move forward. In fact, Palin 2012 T-shirts have already popped up.

Is Palin already considering a run at the White House in four years?

“Right now, I cannot even imagine running for national office in 2012,” USA Today quoted Palin as saying. “2012 sounds so far off that I can’t even, can’t even imagine what I’d be doing then.”

Palin could still end up in the U.S. Senate, depending on the outcome of Republican Sen. Ted Stevens’ re-election bid.

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