Tanner: Election a Repudiation of Bush

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 5, 2008 — Yesterday’s win by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., “cannot be seen as anything but a repudiation of George Bush and the current Republican congressional leadership,” a senior fellow at The Cato Institute said.
“But to suggest that in electing Barack Obama and a Democratic congressional majority, voters were choosing big-government over small-government would imply that either the Bush administration, the current Republican congressional leadership, or, for that matter, John McCain actually supported smaller government,” said Michael D. Tanner, senior fellow. “In reality, by almost every measure, government grew bigger, more expensive, and more intrusive under President Bush and the Republican Congress.

“Exit polls show that Republican losses were heaviest among upscale suburban voters who tend to be economically conservative but socially moderate,” Tanner added. “These formerly reliable Republican voters did not suddenly decide that they wanted a bigger, more expensive, and more intrusive government. But, faced with the big-government status quo or big-government “change,” they opted for change.”

But, all is not necessarily lost for the republicans, Tanner suggested. It’s on to 2010.

“Republicans now have two more years in the wilderness to decide whether or not they actually stand for limited government and individual liberty. One wonders, whether they will hear the message,” Tanner said.

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