Newspaper: AP Report Offers ‘Skewed’ Account of Pipeline

ANCHORAGE, Alaska –An Associated Press report about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s “signature accomplishment” of building a 1,715-mile long natural gas pipeline was flawed, the Anchorage Daily News charges in an editorial.

The Associated Press reports that the pipeline “emerged from a flawed bidding process that narrowed the field to a company with ties to her administration.”

“This report from The Associated Press is a remarkably skewed account with little new information to support the charge it implies,” the newspaper wrote. “Presumably, readers are supposed to conclude that Palin tilted the gas line bidding toward a favored company, one that had previously employed one of her key staffers.”

The newspaper later said: “Sarah Palin’s handling of the gas line license was a good example of how she was an independent-minded governor who worked with Democrats to overcome the old guard in her own party.”

Contrary to an Associated Press report, Alaska’s bidding process for a gas line license was not flawed,” the newspaper concluded.

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