One Bad Acorn Ruins it for the Rest

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LAS VEGAS — Investigators from the office of Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, assisted by investigators from the office of the Attorney General, served a search warrant on the Las Vegas office of the Association for Community Reform Now (ACORN) as a result of an ongoing investigation into allegations of voter registration fraud.

The warrant authorized the seizure of documents and records, including computer equipment, pertaining to ACORN’s “Project Vote” voter registration drive, and is the result of an ongoing investigation into suspected voter registration fraud.   In the raid agents seized eight computer hard drives and approximately 20 boxes of documents.  No one was in the ACORN office at the time of the raid, and no one was arrested.

“This is part of an ongoing investigation by the multijurisdictional task force that we announced this past July,” said Miller.  “We said then that we would work aggressively to protect the process. We’re going to do everything possible to ensure that Nevada’s voter rolls are protected and to ensure that only those who are eligible can cast a ballot. The task forced received information which the investigators further developed.

“There are allegations that a number of registration applications were completed with false information, and other applications on which attempted to register the same person multiple times,” Miller added. “We’ve been told that some of the allegedly erroneous applications even included the names of players from the Dallas Cowboys football team.

“Now we begin the task of sifting through the material that was seized to determine how widespread any fraud might be. We’re giving this the highest priority with the election looming, but until we’ve had time to thoroughly analyze the material, it would be inappropriate and speculative to suggest how widespread it may be.”

The office of the Secretary of State has provided 2,000 voter registration applications to ACORN for use anywhere in the State of Nevada.  The Clark County Registrar’s office has provided 122,600 registration applications to ACORN, all of which may be used only for registration within Clark County.

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