Is Biden or Palin the Strongest Leader for U.S. Vice President?

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 2, 2008 — Visitors to can now rate the leadership traits of vice presidential candidates Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin in addition to their presidential running mates, Senator Obama and Senator McCain. Personnel Decisions International (PDI), a global leadership consulting firm with decades of experience working with CEOs and senior executives, developed to let visitors rate the candidates on some of the same leadership traits that PDI consultants use to rate CEO candidates at today’s top companies.

“Most voters evaluate the candidates on where they stand on the issues,” said Stuart Crandell, Ph.D., senior vice president and executive consultant at PDI. “We developed this website to widen the lens on how we evaluate people in leadership positions to look specifically at their leadership qualities separate from the issues and ideals they represent.”

The site lets users rate Biden, McCain, Obama and Palin on ten characteristics that PDI consultants use when assessing CEO candidates. Currently, in order of importance, the ten traits are vision, insightful judgment, trustworthiness, gets things done, inspires others, good judge of people, influences others, courage, confidence and energy. Obama is currently leading in all of the ten traits.

PDI has been working with top executives and CEOs at major companies for over 40 years. PDI serves 80 percent of Fortune 100 firms and uses in-depth data and research to determine which characteristics are critical for success in the top spots.

Users rate each candidate on this list of characteristics, then rate the importance of each characteristic. Visitors to the website can instantly view real-time results to compare candidates.

Visitors can rate the presidential candidates and their running mates now at and should come back to the site often to see updated real-time results.

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