AP Business News is realigned around 12 core beats

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NEW YORK — The Associated Press last week realigned its Business News department around 12 core beats headed by 12 editors who will now lead coverage by the teams of reporters newly assigned to the beats.

“Our goal is to improve everything we do so we can be more successful in an increasingly competitive market for business news,” said Business Editor Hal Ritter. “Building these beats will allow us to deepen our coverage of spot news, break more news and produce more outstanding enterprise.”

Reporters will be based in New York, Washington and 28 other domestic bureaus to provide authoritative coverage of companies and news sources on each beat. The teams will have 5-10 reporters each. Some two dozen business reporters in international bureaus will provide additional coverage of the beats.

Among the 12 beat editors are Joyce M. Rosenberg (financial markets), Patrick Rizzo (economy), Amy Finkelstein (retailing), Brian Bergstein (technology), Laura Impellizzeri (media, entertainment, leisure and lodging), Michael Lee (health care), Joseph Altman (autos), Greg Stec (airlines), Charles Sheehan (energy) and David Brinkerhoff (manufacturing).

Rounding out the 12 are Trevor Delaney and Noelle Knox, previously announced as the AP’s new editors for personal finance and real estate, respectively.

Financial markets — Joyce M. Rosenberg has been the AP’s stock markets editor for more than a decade. She joined the AP in 1978 and Business News in 1986. As a reporter, she has covered retailing and Wall Street and has also served as enterprise editor in Business News.

Economy — Patrick Rizzo joined the AP in 2004 as the day supervisor of the business desk in New York. He spent 18 years at Reuters in jobs as diverse as Money Desk news editor in London, Northeast bureau chief in New York and training editor for the Americas.

Retailing — Amy Finkelstein, returned to New York this year after serving as AP’s first Europe/Africa business editor. She joined the AP in Detroit in 1995. She has been an editor on the International Desk in New York and day supervisor in Business News. She also worked at The Wall Street Journal as an editor for the Asian and European editions.

Technology — Brian Bergstein has covered technology for eight years, first as the AP’s Silicon Valley correspondent and then as a telecommunications reporter and later technology reporter in New York and Boston. He is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and spent 2004-05 as a Knight Fellow in Science and Technology Journalism at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Media, entertainment, leisure and lodging — Laura Impellizzeri, a former editor for the San Francisco Chronicle and Contra Costa Newspapers, joined the AP in August 2007 as an editor on the Business News technology team.

Health care — Michael Lee joined the AP in 2007 as an editor leading coverage of corporate filings at the Securities and Exchange Commission. He spent eight years with Crain’s Detroit Business in various editing positions.

Autos — Joseph Altman has been Business News’ night supervisor in New York since December 2006. He first joined the AP in Detroit in 1999. Altman also has worked as a national writer for Westwood One’s Metro Networks, as a reporter for the Arizona Daily Star and in Newsday’s Washington bureau.

Airlines — Greg Stec, formerly an editor with Bloomberg News and Dow Jones, joined the AP as energy and transportation editor for AP Financial News in 2006. He has been a news editor for CBS News and news director for WGY Radio in Albany, N.Y.

Energy — Charles Sheehan, a former reporter with the Chicago Tribune, rejoined the AP more than a year ago as a Business News editor in New York. Previously, he was the AP’s business reporter in Pittsburgh, covering the steel industry and financial firms.

Manufacturing — David Brinkerhoff joined the AP in 2007 as a Business News editor in New York after working 14 years at Reuters. He covered the oil, timber and entertainment industries in New York and Los Angeles.

Personal finance — Trevor Delaney joined the AP this week after serving as editorial director for personal finance at Black Enterprise magazine. He helped launch and then ran two magazines at ALM Media and is a former staff writer for SmartMoney magazine, where he wrote for the investing section.

Real estate — Noelle Knox rejoined the AP in March as real estate editor. She first joined AP in 1998 and covered banking and investment banking in New York. She was a European correspondent based in Brussels for USA Today and covered real estate for the newspaper before coming to the AP. She has a Virginia real estate license.

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