Bush: U.S., Allies ‘Have Helped … Save Lives’

By Todd DeFeo

The actions of the United States and its allies “have helped disrupt (terror) plots and save lives,” President Bush said Saturday during his weekly radio address.

“Since al Qaeda attacked us on 9/11, the United States has taken many steps to keep the American people safe,” Bush said. “We’ve gone on the offense, taking the fight to the terrorists around the world. We’ve worked with partners overseas to monitor terrorist movements, disrupt their finances, and bring them to justice.

“Here at home, we’ve strengthened security at borders and vital infrastructure like power plants and airports and subways,” the president added. “We have given intelligence and law enforcement professionals new tools like the Patriot Act, and we continue to work with Congress to modernize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.”

In his address, Bush cited the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), saying some of the document’s conclusions are “encouraging, and others are cause for concern.” The president cited the fact that “al Qaeda has managed to establish a safe haven in the tribal areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan” as one of the most troubling findings of the NIE.

“The men who run al Qaeda are determined, capable, and ruthless,” Bush said. “They would be in a far stronger position to attack our people if America’s military, law enforcement, intelligence services, and other elements of our government were not engaged in a worldwide effort to stop them.

“We will meet the responsibility that history has given us; we will adapt to changing conditions, and we will not let up until our enemies are defeated and our people are secure,” the president added.

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