Snow: ‘Please Avoid the Idea That Iraq is Like Oz’

WASHINGTON, May 9, 2007 — The United States is dedicated to success in Iraq, but it won’t appear instantaneously, White House spokesman Tony Snow said today during a press briefing.

“Please avoid the idea that Iraq is like Oz, and one day it’s going to be black and white and the next day you’re going to wake up and it’s color,” Snow said. “It’s a war. And it is something where progress is something that our people are devoted and dedicated to achieving, but it is not something that appears with a snap of a finger.

“On the other hand, you also have to ask yourself: What are the costs to national security, what are the costs to the region, what are the costs to the world of failing to complete the job?” Snow added. “The Baker-Hamilton commission was very clear on this, and analysts in both parties have been very clear on this. So the question is how do you put together an effective strategy so that you can have a successful democracy in Iraq.”

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